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[at-l] HYOH

On 4/20/05, greyowl@rcn.com <greyowl@rcn.com> wrote: 
> SO growup people, take a hike. I tired of all the three years
> olds on the list.

 24 more days! 24 more days and I'll be on the AT for two glorious weeks!

Who is hikin' this weekend. We are going to have rain, but I
> am out to explosre a new trail.

 Yucky weather this weekend. Plus I promised myself I'd stay home and make a 
present for my mommy for mother's day. Even if I am a grown-up, I still need 
to get something nice for my mommy. :)
 Have fun hiking!
(Whose high-frequency hearling loss ensures that she cannot hear cell phones 
ringing. Yee-ha!)
Grey Owl
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