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[at-l] HYOH

I have been follow the cell phone thread with great interest.  
Last night I sat down with a couple o bottles of Wild Goose 
India Pale Ale and reread all of the messages and the whole 
thread to the wasted electrons was 

Hiker1 does not like cell phones and if hiker2 carries a cell 
phone then hiker1's 'wilderness/hiking experience' will be 
ruined so he feel impowered hiker1 how to hike.

Hiker2 wants to carry a cell phone for some reason (medical, 
emergency, contact with family etc) and resents that hiker1 
is telling him how to hike.  So the two hikers argue back and 

HYOH stands for hike your own hike.  What the world needs is 
more tolerant peole (except for Shane who does not play well 
with others).  Someone wrote me stating that hikers were 
more tolerant than the general population.  Actually I think 
the list shows otherwise.

SO  growup people, take a hike.  I tired of all the three years 
olds on the list.

Who is hikin' this weekend.  We are going to have rain, but I 
am out to explosre a new trail.

Grey Owl