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[at-l] New trail Name?

Liteshoe wrote>> But it's so... spontaneous.  And apt.  And, a Trail friend gave it to you.  And it's three syllables.  Trips off
the toungue like music.  What more could a hiker ask for?  ;-)

Some folks may think that I have something against the letter E, though!  And, what would I do if I offended some hiker that had a
lot of Es in their real/trail name?  I just want to prevent any flame wars because someone may think I've sumpin against 'em.  

And what about Goosebump's new littlun?  She's gonna be known as TripolE!  I don't wanna scar the child for life!!!  LOL

Tenacious Tanasi
   (Shelly Hale)