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[at-l] Troll alert

Excellent insitutional memory, OB.  I believe Mr. Fales has graced us with his presence before.

W F Thorneloe <thornel@attglobal.net> wrote:Fascinating. Is this your first time around AT-L? Something sounds really 
familiar with this yarn.


At 09:08 PM 4/19/2005 -0600, Dave wrote:
>Sorry but you can live with out a pancreas you just become diabetic. and 
>have to watch what you eat because of the fact that it also helps with 
>digestion. I wound up with flesh eating bacteria in the blood. . Because 
>of it they had to take out one kidney part of my liver and my pancreas. I 
>should have died but through good docs I lived through it and wont let it 
>stop me.. what kind of medical training of you had. there are allot of 
>people hat have had pancreases removed.

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