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[at-l] reg: OT Political Essay

History channel did  piece on him today.
Nicely done may I add. If he had not had polio his focus would not have been
much different then Bush and business as usual.  He spent hours driving
around the Ga backwoods interviewing poor folks.  Got a big dose of  how the
other half lives.

Anyhow tanks for your commentary.
BTW I saw the train in a Miami Museum next to the zoo that brought him back
to DC when he died and to  many of his campaign trips.  Interesting to see a
piece of history few remember nor have seen these days. My mom was with me
and refused to walk through one of the train displays saying I've ridden
that train many times back in the thirties no thanks to seeing it again.
Theses were hard days for me living through the depression.
Soon most of theses who lived through this will be gone including my mom.
She right off knew the correct name for that rail car as we walked past.
Didn't stop to read the museum sign  before telling me in person the history
of this RR car.  Was a real treat indeed to have first hand knowledge.
In Michigan last summer mom looked up at a building
and said that's still there? I voted for Truman in that building.


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