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[at-l] What is a rest step?: the movie

Kent Gardam wrote:

>I'm pretty sure I remember hearing that Felix was waiting for the Stephen King script rewrite of the first cut of the movie.  It was last seen in a closet somewhere awaiting input of the tambourine soundtrack.  At least that's what I think I know...
>Steve Adams <stephensadams@hotmail.com> wrote:P.S. I was kidding about the Kama Sutra. I haven?t read it. I?m waiting 
>for the movie Felix is producing.

Kent is partially correct...well, at one time, he was completely 
correct...only, he didn't say what he said until AFTER it was done being 
correct. So, at one time, what Kent said was correct...just not when he 
said it. The deal was that Stephen was going to do a rewrite...he 
did...and, renamed it "Karma Suture". It was about a girl who travelled 
around the Orient and when something good happened to her, she'd cut a 
couple of people into pieces...then sew the wrong pieces together. As a 
result, a bad thing would happen to her. After the bad thing would 
happen to her (which she seemed to enjoy), she'd start sewing quilts and 
the like until a good thing happened. She was nude the entire time. We 
decide to not do his version because we already had bought a cow for the 
"Position of the Cow Goddess" (#9 on the poster) scene.

We decided to go ahead with the original screenplay using the original 
book "Kama Sutra". It is in final edit now. (Copyright laws forced a 
name change...but, the movie poster can be seen here: