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[at-l] Cell Phones, yet again - the 'rules'


Reference your post, dated 04-19-05, advising, ?A dibtic has no choice if 
yur suger drops your screwed with out one?

You have posted several times that diabetes gives you no choice, you must 
carry a cell phone.

Different people have different types of diabetes, and encounter different 
difficulties caring for their disorder.

I don?t know your problem; I can?t say you should or should not carry a cell 
phone.  Even if I knew your problem, I wouldn?t have that right.

Some people are able to test their blood-glucose level at different times, 
under different circumstances, to develop an adequate understanding how 
their diabetes operates to become confident in their ability to deal with 
their diabetes.  Many of these people do not feel the need to carry a cell 

As a diabetic who doesn?t carry a cell phone, your justification seems a 
short, overly general excuse, designed to exempt you from dealing directly 
with this issue.

You need to understand fully, if you develop an acute diabetic need for 
medication or help while hiking on the Appalachian Trail, in most places, 
under most circumstances, a cell phone probably won?t summon sufficient 
timely medical assistance to provide the help you hope for.

Under the best circumstances hikers would be hard pressed to direct someone 
to their exact location.  By the time you, a diabetic, KNOW you need help, 
you are likely to be significantly disoriented.  How will you direct help to 
reach you?

You may wish to give this more thought.

All the best,