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[at-l] Name calling/Renting space in your head

When I read the comment where you referred to me as a lunatic, first I admit I felt quite hurt. Then I thought about sad it must be to feel that way about someone who you never even met, someone who just posted a short comment to thank someone for an interesting article about an American statesman.

I am so glad to say that I went hiking today and feel great.  I am also so glad that I am not such an unhappy and angry person as you, and a few others on this list.  Perhaps you ought to try hiking sometime.  It is amazing what it can do for your mood and your soul.  You become so much calmer and the bitterness toward others just melts away.  I brought my binoculars and hiked on the Oakley Plantation when John Audubon painted his wonderful bird paintings.  It was such a wonderful day.  I woke up this morning to a symphony of singing voices and sat outside and wrote poetry before we left to hike.

You know....when I read all this stuff....this anger and back biting...I just don't understand it.  This talk about Wingfoot has been going on for so many years.  A long time ago somebody told me that, if you allow someone to keep upsetting you, then you let that person "rent space in your head".  All these years, these "Wingfoot haters" keep him alive and well inside their minds.  I don't feel the way they do but I have learned not to share my feelings here anyhow.  But wouldn't it be better to just ignore him if he upsets you so much?

Life is too short to bicker and make enemies.  You can call me whatever you like, Mr. McManus.  But, while you and others there are out fighting ....I prefer to be going to be out there enjoying life and fighting to do everything in my power to preserve the environment and the AT and trails that I so adore.

And they wonder why we have war.  Even a list of hikers cannot get along.  Sad, isn't it?

I will ALWAYS stand up for what I believe and fight for the right for you to do the same.  That, to me anyhow, is what this country is all about.

Hugs anyhow, Hummingbird
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