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[at-l] new blister prevention? - engo?

I was emailed off-list about my blister prevention question and was 
referenced this product:


So far the stuff looks ingenious - instead of putting something 
directly on your skin at the problem area (duct tape, moleskin, etc, 
etc) you apply this product to the area of the GEAR that causes 
friction.  In this configuration, something attached to your gear at 
the problem area, the decreased fiction lasts for a longer period of 
time with a single application.  A neat idea, but I wonder if it works.

Since I have a set of boots known to cause a blister on my right heel I 
think it's time to run some comparison test between this stuff vs. a 
sock liner.  Perhaps both is the answer.  Or one.  Or the other.  
Testing will tell.

Another neat thing is as this stuff starts to wear down and need 
replacing the color starts to change indicating it's time to change the 
strip before a problem starts.

A neat idea indeed.  Thought others might be able to use it.  Once I 
test it out I'll let everyone else know how it works.