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[at-l] Cell Phones, yet again - the 'rules'

>          Phones have always been available in towns. To say you need a 
> cell
> phone to hike is false. People have been hiking and contacting family 
> members
> for years.
For you maybe you don't need one.  I've got elderly family members to 
think about, on top of the other 1000 reasons I've mentioned already.

Statistically it is nearly impossible for us to meet up anywhere except 
this list that was not prearranged.  That said, I don't think my 
carrying a phone will have any impact on your hike.  I don't plan on 
using it to call for rides, or to order pizzas for that matter.  I will 
occasionally use it to call home and that will be kept as discreet an 
activity as possible, kind of like pooping in the woods.  You know most 
everyone does it at some point, but you hope to do it privately.

So, by your own definition, I am thinking about others.  I am not a 
rude phone user, especially now that I know how a few vocal people feel 
about having them on the trail, I can say that I will keep my impact as 
low as possible.

So I've got one strike against me even before I hit the trail.  I don't 
smoke or do drugs, so I'm safe there and I promise not to drink while 
on the trail.

If I were 10 or 15 years younger I would probably agree with most of 
the anti-phone crowd.  I would look at the trial as a means to get 
totally away from the World, and at that age I could have done it.  
Today, people rely and depend on me.  I can't simply vanish for weeks 
at at time.

Luckily satellite phones are too heavy to pack.  Maybe by '07 they 
won't be.  I can only imagine the hackles I'll raise then - IF you see 
me using it on the trail which I don't think you will.

Hopefully we'll meet on the AT or another trail.  If you are in the 
area this Sunday I'm heading back to Medoc Mountain here in NC to do 
the North East side of the trail (trails are split by the river).  It's 
a day hike so rest assured I'll leave the phone in the car.