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[at-l] "Externality": Cell phones, cigarettes, nudity, sports broadcasts, drunkenness, wet dogs, body odor...

Kind of an "internality"?  ;-)

> Why is this so hard, folks? It is no different than being in
> town, living next to the guy who idles his unmuffled car 10
> minutes every morning, or living next to the factory that spews
> noxious gas 24/7, or a thousand other events that intrude into
> our lives. It is what economists call an external effect, or
> "externality" -- your activity (be it smoking, phone use,
> playing your radio without headphones, strolling the trail
> without clothes ("well you don't have to looooook!") has degrees
> of external effect on those around you. 

Nakedness is a state of being, not an activity.

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