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[at-l] What is a rest step?

The idea is to lock the uphill knee as it becomes the down hill knee when you 
bring the back leg up and over, taking all the load off the major muscle by 
transferring your weight to direct bone support.  Hard to explain, much easier 
to demonstrate.  One leg is strait and locked.  The other is relaxed behind,or 
in front w/o yet taking up the load.  You pause for a breath, or two, the 
repeat -- alternating legs.

The rest step incorporates the breath to slow the climbers pace to avoid 
overexertion. Usually one step can equal one slow breath. To slow the pace 
even more, one, or more, breaths can be taken between each step. A momentary 
rest on the bone structure of the down hill leg, allows the uphill foot time 
to be gently kicked into the next step. Using breathing as a slowly paced 
metronome, long distances can be covered without stopping.


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Can someone tell me what a rest step is and how it is performed?  I saw this 
mentioned in a trail journal and was just curious.


Tenacious Tanasi

   (Shelly Hale)


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