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[at-l] What is a rest step?


Reference your post, dated 04-19-05, asking, ?Can someone tell me what a 
rest step is and how it is performed??

The first mention of a ?Rest Step? appears in the Kama Sutra.  You resort to 
it when you have, well, become too tired to continue your current pursuits.  
It is a maneuver performed with the, uhhh ...

Another ?Rest Step? uses timed breathing.  You count the breaths you take 
per step, or steps per breath taken.  The Rest Step is usually considered 
one step per each breath, but you can also slow it further by taking a 
breath between each step as well as one breath with each step.  This is 
often used when climbing at higher altitudes than the ones to which you have 
become accustomed.

I find this quite useful, hiking, when climbing a long hill.  You can 
actually grind out a good steep distance in fairly decent time.

Another ?Rest Step? is pausing for a moment, balanced on the lower foot, 
while sort of lazily swinging the upper foot forward into position before 
shifting your weight onto it

Another ?Rest Step? is about the opposite.  You pause on the forward foot 
and sort of drag the rear foot forward, which gives it a little break.


P.S.  I was kidding about the Kama Sutra.  I haven?t read it.  I?m waiting 
for the movie Felix is producing.