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[at-l] Tiny pockets

So I was in my local outfitter yesterday, and I picked up a Mountain
Hardwear Phantom Anorak. This is one of those 3-oz windshirts that have
become popular in ultralight circles lately.

It was chilly in the house this morning, so I wore it around while I was
making breakfasts and lunches and whatever else, and that's when I noticed
that it has a really tiny little pocket on the chest, next to the main
zipper. This pocket is really small --

(Chorus: "How small is it?")

This pocket is so small, it will barely hold a Clif bar. The pocket is
obviously designed as a built-in stuff sack to hold the jacket, but I got to
thinking what else might go in there, because it's so small and all.

That's when it hit me: the clever designers at Mountain Hardwear have given
me a special built-in pocket for my, um, phobile mone. It's just the perfect
fit, and I can keep it handy for those important calls to my broker from the
top of Mt. Lacksaview.

Seriously, though, this is a nice jacket. It's got a good long chest zipper
(unlike, say, the Golite windshirt that I tried on), and some sort of soft
lining around the collar. I'll get a lot of use out of this thing.