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[at-l] Re: new boots! new blisters!

Greg asked,

>> I've heard about some kind of "inner sock" being used by people on the
trail that is supposed to cut down on blisters. Does this ring a bell
with anyone? A quick Google search proved fruitless.

Ultrarunners commonly use double layer socks and Skylander was right when he
mentioned Wright Socks. They have made a great double layer socks for years.
Wearing a liner socks also works. If you use a double layer sock, be sure to
align the two layers with your hands before putting them on. I believe
BaySix also make them. Remember that there may be a rough edge at the union
of the insole and the heel counter that caused the blister, or a seam in the
boot, or a bunched up sock. Blisters come from many sources. A new product
that can be used inside a boot is an ENGO patch. These are slippery patches
that are applied directly to the shoe or insole. More information can be
found at http://www.goengo.com.

John Vonhof
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