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[at-l] TOLERANCE, SHMOLERANCE... OT as far as im concerned

Rob wrote>> I am who I am. Hopefully, people will see this thread and maybe think twice about bashing someone for having an opinion
that differs from their own. Or at least they'll get a laugh from it.  


Yup, you're what y'are that's fer certain.  LOL  But, if you think some of these guys will quit bashing another for having an
opinion that differs from their own, then -well, goodness-it' more likely to come the end of time afore that'll ever happen!!!  LOL


But, if it does happen afore then, well, you'd prolly see me in a Fred Sanford pose with my hand acrost my heart shoutin' "I'm
comin' 'Lizbeth!  I'm comin!"  LMAO


Tenacious Tanasi

   (Shelly Hale)