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[at-l] - the 'rules' - Pot (Trolling)

to me wilderness is when I head into back countries area around were I 
live in the worlds first national forest and the worlds first national 
park Yellowstone park wyoming that is my back yard. When I head into 
that wilderness ic carry  cell phone also.
Trailwife@aol.com wrote:

>In over 65 years I've never had an occasion or need to try it. But if you 
>want to use it on the trail I don't care, it is not the only illegal stuff on the 
>trail. I don't care if you carry cell phones, guns, umbrellas or whatever as 
>long as you behave yourself.    HOWEVER, when I want wilderness, I hike areas 
>with no trails or other easy access for people. In my humble opinion the AT is 
>not really wilderness, even in the politically designated "Wilderness Areas."
>The Old RidgRunner
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