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[at-l] gear list in order of priority

In a message dated 4/18/2005 3:43:14 PM Eastern Daylight Time,  
pmags@yahoo.com writes:

If that  seems good..then time for the next  step:

Well, lets not jump too far ahead.  If a day in the woods is cool then  
perhaps a couple of days (slack packing or going home between outings) might  give 
further information or input. Then perhaps longer day hikes.  Go from  2-3 
miles to 5-7 miles to 7-10 miles and so on.  If you enjoy camping then  perhaps a 
series of day hikes from a campground campsite.  Then if that is  cool but 
you itch for more try staying on the trail a night and then increase  that until 
you figure out what you need to make you comfortable: Tent, Hammock,  Tarp, 
or Bivouac, etc., and what will keep you warm: blanket, sleeping bag, cot,  or 
insulated mat of some kind.  Then, do you like coffee in the AM or Hot  
Chocolate in the PM or Soup on the trail, or some hot stew?  Then you will  
eventually need a stove -- The thermos can only hold so much.  The rest of  the stuff 
you will need will present itself to you as you explore books,  websites, talk 
to friends, look at stuff in the store, etc., so that by the time  you are 
ready to really get out for a few days you will have an idea of what you  want.  
What you need is simple but what you want can fill a large  pack.  Enjoy!