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[at-l] the 'rules' - Pot (Trolling)

The Old RidgRunner,

Reference your post, dated 04-18-05, ?In my humble opinion the AT is not 
really wilderness, even in the politically designated ?Wilderness Areas.? "

It seems to me, if a trail runs through it, it has lost its ?wilderness? 

I prefer to think, somewhat illogically, of hiking on the AT as a 
?wilderness experience? to pacify those who like to think of it is a 
wilderness.  ?Wildness? is probably a more appropriate term.  When I hike in 
the Shanandoah National Park, I just tell people, "I went for a walk in the 

It?s something like claiming you?ve been with lions, elephant, tigers and 
constricting snakes when all you did was visit the zoo.