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[at-l] Giving it all up

I've been tempted but I can't figure out what to do with my wife, who doesn't hike. Plus at a recent birthday party my three kids all insisted they "never want to sell" the house I bought 42 years ago for $2,950. It's the only valuable thing I own now that the river is reasonably clean and no longer stinks. 

FWIW. Your Social Security is pretty safe. It's your kid's Social Security that "W" wants to mess with. 

> Has anyone actually sold everything they own to hike and hike and hike? 
>  After 36 yrs in the factory Bogey lost his job at Christmas-time and 
> is still unemployed. He's a depressed 58 yr old man and I am frustrarted 
> with the kind of jobs I have to work to keep us going. We have our home 
> paid off and have no debt plus a few bucks in the bank. We thought 
> about hiking for 8-9 months each year and then travelling (maybe be 
> truckers) for the 4months between. We have all our backpacking gear and much 
> replacement gear.  I think we could hike all 8 months for about $6,000, 
> for food, lodging, and other expenses. The logistics of storing family 
> stuff and having a place to live in the cold months is the scary part. 
> How do you keep your driver's license updated while hiking? Health 
> insurance? Life Insurance? Would it be better to rent out the house or sell 
> it (we'll need the home's equity when we retire (esp since "W" is 
> trying to screw us out of Social Security). We would have to sell the cars 
> since they would be an insurance liability. Has anyone done this?  
> Thanks.   
> Any day's a good day to hike,"
> SLIM aka Nancy