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[at-l] new boots! new blisters!

I picked up a new pair of boots on Saturday, the la sportiva GTX with 
the 1/2 steel shank.  Nice boots, lightweight, sturdy.  They felt GREAT 
in the store and I was looking forward to getting them out on the 
trail.  On Sunday I took a short hike around Falls Lake outside of 
Raleigh and I developed a nasty blister on my right heel.  Bummer.  Had 
to cut the hike short.  I still like the boots.  Having a fairly 
lightweight boot that provided extra ankle support plus had the added 
advantage of providing a nice, study shank made for a nice set of 

I've heard about some kind of "inner sock" being used by people on the 
trail that is supposed to cut down on blisters.  Does this ring a bell 
with anyone?  A quick google search proved fruitless.