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[at-l] Giving it all up

In a message dated 4/18/2005 8:36:02 AM Eastern Daylight Time,  
bogey1@cplx.net writes:

Has  anyone actually sold everything they own to hike and hike and  hike?

Yes!  I met a couple of good people who did that, when I was in  Georgia last 
year.  Their trail names are:  Ole Man and  Navigator.  They are from Florida 
but are hikers on the AT.   I believe that they have a journal on 
Trailjournals.com and they seem to have a  good way of dealing with their circumstances.
BTW if you do decide to do this thing that you are thinking about there is  a 
place in the Caribbean that has work for people short term.  Winter  Season 
is the busiest time of the year and they need workers.  The pay  ain't much but 
the work is not hard either and the hours are short so there is a  lot of 
time to play.  The place I have in mind is MAHO BAY  CAMPGROUNDS.  Other places 
also hire in high season, depending on your  interests.  Also Florida is not a 
bad place to hang out in Winter. Also  Cruise Lines hire people -- low pay and 
long hours -- and you get to see various  ports of call.
Best wishes to you in your adventure!