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[at-l] Giving it all up

<<Has anyone actually sold everything they own to hike and hike and hike?>>

Good question. From my own observations the ones that hike and hike and
hike have little or nothing in the way of material posessions.

Renting vs selling the house: you have to do the math, maybe even see a
financial adviser. I would lean towards renting since it lets you keep any
equity, but I would only rent to someone I knew and trusted.

I like the trucking idea, particularly if you both get your licenses. The
trucking companies really like to hire couples as drivers since the truck
can be kept on the road more. Of course you have to be able to live that
lifestyle, but if you can put up with it for four months and get the other
eight to play...<g>.

Insurance? You're probably already using COBRA if he's unemployed. And it
won't be cheap. I don't know if there are any really good answers here.

Drivers Lic, etc? I think you're going to need a mailing address (friends,
relatives) to keep that covered. I'm trying to figure out how to retire
with no fixed address, so if you get a good answer let me know!

I hope someone on the list can give you some more detailed answers, but
this isn't something you want to shoot from the hip on.