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[at-l] Cell Phones, yet again

I understand it is related to a difference in how we hear the conversation 
while we are on the phone. Our wired home telephone echoes our speech to 
us, leading us to modulate our volume and not shout. Cell phones do not 
send us our speech, hence we only hear with the unused ear - and 
automatically increase the volume.

There is also the problem of the poor connection. Many of us believe that 
if we raise our voice, we are more easily understood. Rarely is that true.


At 01:56 PM 4/17/2005 -0400, Jim Bullard wrote:
>Can anyone explain to me why so many people feel they have to talk LOUDLY 
>when using a cell phone? I recall an occasion in my wife's favorite 
>restaurant. A woman all the way across the dining room answered a call and 
>proceeded to talk so loudly that we could hear every word at our table. At 
>the end of the call she resumed a normal tone with her table companion and 
>we could hear none of what she said.

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