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[at-l] gear list in order of priority

Robert wonders about what gear to procure, allowing the pack to go last, 
with the following hypotheticals:
... you are a novice hiker.
... you have no gear.
... you have an unlimited cash flow.
... you want to thru-hike the AT.
... you have all the time in the world to prepare.

Sounds to me like a trip to Pattagucci for clothes that will last forever, 
be a pretty good value and be useful for fashion statements in the city. 
While there, I'd get Capilenes, shorts, long pants, a couple of light and 
mid weight fleece shirts, some wind proof/water proof hat and look at their 
gloves and socks.

I'd probably still wind up at REI or Blue Ridge Mountain Sports for 
Smartwool glove liners and socks, and OR or Marmut gloves and hat.

I'd take several trips to a Mom & Pop outfitters to get boots, probably 

While at Walasi-Yi, I'd go through their sleeping bags and watch the sort 
of shelters folks are using. I'd probably stick with my Spear Hammock and 
Peapod, but would be real interested in tarptents like the Nomad 2+2 (Does 
anyone know if Kurt is still in production?)

If I stuck with the hammock, I'd start looking at down quilts made by 
specialty folks. If I went with the tarptent, I'd look toward Western 
Mountaineering, Feathered Friends and a couple other places for a sleeping 
bag that would last a lifetime or two.

Of course, if I were novice and had unlimited cash flow, I might get 
trapped into buying everything at REI, not understanding the broader 
variety of choices, lightweight gear and the lack of need for "features" on 
most of our stuff. I'd also buy a large house with huge closets for the 
extra gear.

And almost last, I'd look at my kitchen. By now I'd know that a spoon or 
spork, a single pot, an alcohol or canister stove are all the kitchen one 
needs. I'd vacillate between a bag canteen (Platypus) and recycled soda 

Then, I'd spread out all of the silnylon sacks I use to compartmentalize my 
gear and see which comfortable pack will contain it along with a 10 pound 
bag of rice (to imitate 4 days' food).


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