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[at-l] Signs of Spring

Just got back from a "whirlwind tour" of Stowe; I felt the need to get in some skiing before season's end. Anyway, I was near the Long Trail when I was on Mt. Mansfield, and could see the snow-covered Mt. Washington from there, too.

> The ice is almost gone on Crystal Lake in Gilmanton NH.  I saw Loons 
> on my morning walk yesterday and a flock of morganser ducks.  I've 
> been raking the leaves off the banking that adjoins the road past our 
> property so that the tiny shoots from daffodils and other bulbs have 
> a chance to enjoy the spring.  There are still patches of snow on the 
> ground and Mt Washington shines white in the distance, where it can 
> be seen of course.  I've got to go for a little hike.
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> Life is Good!!!
> Art Cloutman
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