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[at-l] Re: Social Security (Off Topic)

In a message dated 4/16/2005 4:43:43 PM Eastern Daylight Time,  
stephensadams@hotmail.com writes:

If  you?ve ever thought we live on a level playing field, you?re terribly  

Well, sometimes I am a bit naive but I have known of the inequity of these  
issues for some time. It is good to be reminded and to let our elected 
officials  know of our awareness and its unfairness (I do not claim to be a poet even 
if I  rhyme sometime{s}). <:-)}  I don't expect them to change the playing  
field but it doesn't hurt for them to feel some embarrassment.  Too bad we  
can't get some News Reporters to engage and ask questions or have morning talk  
shows bring up the issues.  Perhaps there are some in society who do not  
realize the hypocrisy of the elected.