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[at-l] 2700 CI pack - too small?

On 4/16/05 7:55 PM, "Greg Brown" <gregbrown@mindspring.com> wrote:

> I did a good bit of pack inspections today at REI.  I am starting to
> swing back towards the Gregory Advent Pro.

The Advent Pro is a specialized racing pack. It's a very nice racing pack,
but it's kinda heavy for a frameless silnylon rucksack that's only 2700ci.
The new (2005) version is a bit improved, with load lifters (for example),
however, IMHO you can do better for the weight. A Six Moons Designs Starlite
is 28 ounces with the optional aluminum stays, and holds over 4000ci -- it
held all my winter gear and 4 days of food this past March. It will also
carry a lot more weight in a lot more comfort over longer miles than the
Advent Pro. If you like Gregory, the new G Pack is probably a better choice
for long distance hikers, and the Z Pack is an excellent choice, though a
bit heavier.

Can you do it with 2700ci?? Sure, with the proper choice of ultralight gear,
that's plenty of space. You mentioned buying the pack last -- that's still
good advice, though nobody ever does it <grin>. Here's a thought -- buy the
Advent Pro and plan to use it as a day pack, with the idea that you might
also be able to use it for a long hike if things work out that way.

Happy Trails,

Ken B