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[at-l] Cell Phones, yet again

Cell phones have been a hot topic in every venue where they might be used. 
There are places where their use is a safety concern - such as hospital 
telemetry units. There are places where their use is rude to all in the 
venue - theaters, plays, restaurants, social clubs and the like. There are 
places where their use is stupid and/or a violation of privacy for others - 
such as physician's office, locker rooms and such.

I see use of cell phones at scenic views and shelters much like rudeness. I 
feel the use of it to remain city based to discuss business and other 
issues a self defeating proposition.

Yet, if you wish to carry a cell phone for emergency use, reassurance of 
your family, to dictate your journal, etc. - fine - but respect others who 
may not wish to see or share your telephone conversation. If you are 
insulted by the fact that someone carries a cell phone, I envy that you 
have so few major problems in life.

The cell phone issue is one that is an individual decision. These "debates" 
are usually simply proclamations of opinion. I doubt any opinion has been 
changed by these threads.


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