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[at-l] 2700 CI pack - too small?

I did a good bit of pack inspections today at REI.  I am starting to 
swing back towards the Gregory Advent Pro.  It has every feature I'm 
looking for plus some other that I didn't see on any other packs plus 
at 2 pounds, 13 ounces for the large size it's very light.  But at 2700 
cubic inches it is a bit smaller then most packs I've read that people 
have used on thru-hikes.

What does everyone think?  Is 2700 CI just too small?  Granted, I have 
heard, over and over, to get your gear first then get your pack last.  
As I am going to start building up with shorter hikes this year and 
next I'm starting to "gear up" and I'm in need of a weekender pack, but 
it would be nice to purchase just one to use over the next two years 
and on my thru-hike.