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[at-l] Cell Phones, yet again

On Apr 15, 2005, at 11:01 PM, Felix wrote:

> Jason wrote:
>> what about the guy that is taking a month to do some hiking and spends
>> 5 mins a night to tell his wife and daughter that his is doing ok ? is
>> this such a bad thing ?
> It might be to the guy who is out in the woods so he doesn't have to 
> listen to people talking on the phone.

I still don't understand.  I suppose if I were in my 20s I could have 
dropped off the face of the Earth for six months, but now that I'm a 
bit older it's just not possible.  I don't plan on having my cell phone 
on every minute of the day, but I might put my earpiece on when I can 
get a signal to check voicemail.  I might even make a call if I have 
or, or just wanted to call home.  I think my wife would like to hear 
from me once in a while, or get my opinion on business related issues.  
Actually I'm a bit envious of people that could walk the whole AT and 
not have to worry about jobs, spouses, mortgages, businesses, aging 
parents, etc, etc, etc.

I really didn't know cell phones were such a hot button issue.  I bet 
that guy who had to saw his arm off a couple years ago would have liked 
to have packed a satellite phone for his solo hike.

Last weekend I never saw or heard the "other hiker" that was on the 
trail with me but I knew he was there as I seemed to be following his 
cigarette smoke.  That rated exceptionally high on my annoyance scale.  
If I wanted to smell cigarettes I could have gone to a bar.

Is two people talking on the trail looked down on?  I can't tell you 
how many times I've had to listen to two people misquote philosophers 
and poetry while hiking.

What about people smoking pot on the trail?  How does that rate on 
everyone's annoyance scale?