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[at-l] Hummingbird in Lousiana

I live for moments like these.  Thank you for sharing.

Linda Benschop wrote:

> Last night we slept on the banks of the Mississippi River.  We were 
> "special invited guests" at a large  "camp-out" on a beautiful old 
> Southern plantation.  Surrounded by 110 historical acres of the most 
> incredible trees and flora, my husband serenaded a small group around 
> a campfire.  We ate marinated steaks, cheeses, wines and assorted 
> goodies.  Other than an occasional barge pushing it's load, there was 
> no sound for miles around.  I hung up my hammock between two old 
> tangled trees as the wind rocked me to sleep.  The sound of a lone 
> bird woke me this morning.  Then another chimed in until they became a 
> chorus.  I realized that I had slept the entire night through.  I 
> cannot remember when that had happened last.  Total peace.
> It is amazing how nature can a person out of the madhouse of life and 
> refresh the soul.  For a short time, there are no problems, no 
> worries.  I need to remember these moments....to refresh myself with 
> the breezes and chirps as the memories caress me and bring me back to 
> those feelings.
> I need to remind myself that there is no yesterday, no tomorrow.  
> There is only today.  If I can only stay here....in today...I will be 
> okay.  Please remind me when I forget, when I start to complicate my 
> life again.  All I need to do is go and take a hike, hang up my 
> hammock and breath some fresh air.
> Hugs, Hummingbird