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[at-l] Banff Mountain Film Festival

Banff Mountain Film Festival is here in Cleveland Ohio and I went to the 
opener last night. One film in particular "Alone Across Australia", is 
an incredible film that is entirely directed and produced by the hiker 
himself, Jon Muir. There's also several other short films on skiing, 
kayaing in S. America, and extreme sports. Great experience. I know 
Stitches viewed this in Boston and there was another lister that 
mentioned seeing this as well.
Alone Across Australia
Award Winner - People?s Choice & Best Film on Mountain Environment
Australia, 2003, 51 minutes
Directed & produced by Ian Darling, Jon Muir
Climber and adventurer Jon Muir?s 2500-kilometre, 128-day odyssey 
crossing Australia from the south to the north
coast on foot.