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[at-l] Cell Phones, yet again

My suggestion would be that you be discreet. Talking on the phone when other people are nearby may seem rude to some people. I doubt anyone could fault you for wanting to keep in touch with your family, however they may choose to dismember you for your choice of gadgetry to do this. IMHO, I believe a hiker needs to keep in mind that other hikers may be looking for an experience that is not disrupted by gadgets, but a hiker also needs to keep in mind that some hikers cannot simply abandon the world during their hike. A wise man once said, "Everything in moderation." I'd like to think that you can put up with moving away from someone who doesnt want to be reminded of cell phones just like someone who hates cell phones can put up with you having one. Just dont leave it on and have it buzzing and beeping and ringing all day long. Use it for your call (at least 100 yds from the nearest hiker or when you go into a town where it will be less conspicuous), but try and keep it brief. That way
 nobody can fault your manners.

william fitzpatrick <jestbill@yahoo.com> wrote:
Doesn't matter why he's talking on the phone, it's the fact that he's talking.

Suppose he had a head set so you couldn't tell that he had a phone? Now
suppose he didn't have the set and just sat in the shelter talking to himself.

Whatever he has to say had better be pretty funny.
The phone doesn't define rudeness, it's just an excuse for rude people.

--- Felix wrote:
> Jason wrote:
> >what about the guy that is taking a month to do some hiking and spends
> >5 mins a night to tell his wife and daughter that his is doing ok ? is
> >this such a bad thing ?
> >
> It might be to the guy who is out in the woods so he doesn't have to 
> listen to people talking on the phone.
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