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[at-l] My Gear - Opinions Please

Actually, (as far as I know) nobody here knows enough about you to guess much
about you and your equipment.  If you're built like a troll, you can carry a
hundred pounds all day and play ninepins and drink grog with the dwarves all
night.  If you're a skinny whelp like me, weight can make a big difference.

Still, my pack was a 5 pounder too--longer days, more food to make the same
number of miles.

The "zero degree" bag I started with was a real cheapie.  The outer fabric is
also important so the heavy fog and dew in Georgia went right thru it.  It
might as well have been a thin sheet.

I am colder than other people most of the time.  Sleep in the sleeping bag at
home and see what a difference it makes.  Seriously, just a little draft can
chill you even though the room temperature be 80.  Put that combination in a
tent and it could be sweltering hot at 20.

Just as there are people (landscapers when they're working) who hike light and
can go in the snow in shorts and no shirt, there are others (ridge runner
types) who carry 50 pounds of stuff "just in case."

Put whatever stuff you have in the pack and walk around the block a few times. 
Somewhere along the way you'll meet the person whose opinion really matters.

--- Victoria Roush <tsjuster@yahoo.com> wrote:
> The three together way just about 10lb.  Weight is
> important to me, but cost is just important.  I have
> read up on weights, though, and I am choosing gear
> that weighs as little as possible.
> I chose a 0 degree bag because I am a *very* cold
> sleeper.  At home, with my thermostat set to 68 year
> round, I sleep with at least one blanket, even in
> summer.  If I get too hot, I can always sleep on top
> of the bag, but I doubt that will be an issue.
> --- Jim and/or Ginny Owen <spiriteagle99@hotmail.com>
> wrote:
> > Around here you will find that most people are more
> > interested in how much 
> > something weighs than in how much it costs.  What do
> > those items weigh?  Is 
> > the total for the three less than 10 lbs?  If not,
> > time to rethink.  Also - 
> > why a zero degree bag?  That is only useful in
> > midwinter.  For three season 
> > use a 20 degree bag is best if you only have one
> > bag.  If you are only 
> > backpacking midsummer you can get away with a 40
> > degree bag.
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