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[at-l] bridge on the trail

to all AT hikers!

are there any "secret" places within 1/2 mile or so of the trail, that you loved?  any favorite places to get water 
that tastes the best?  best water to bathe in?  best view?

actually, it would be great if you know of any places that are hard to get to, ones you know about while on the 
trail, but can't see or can't get to because there isn't anyway to get to them--as if you need a bridge or 

speaking of a bridge, how opposed are you to using one on the trail?  would you rather deal fully with 
nature...fording all rivers...finding another way across a gap?  or do you not mind the help of a bridge?  rope or 

where do you feel you would most like a bridge?  a specific place would be wonderful.

( im an architecture student in georgia who is trying to design a bridge for some pt along the app trail.)

thank you!