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[at-l] My gear...opinions please

Ditto, also.

Plus, IMHO don't buy your pack until last.

As work expands to fill the time available, so to does gear and its weight 
increase to fill the pack.  IMHO, get everything else first and then take it 
to the store to find a pack that fits you and your gear.


BTW -- I am not a light weighter and I increased my pack and bag weight last 
year.  My current "big three" weigh:

Granite Gear Vapor Trail 2 lb 6.9 oz
WM Apache 2 lb 2.0 oz
Nomad 242 w/ stakes 2 lb 1.0 oz
Total 6 lb 9.9 oz

OIOW I am carrying 55% of your weight on these three.

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What Ginny said!!!

<<Pack: Kelty Trekker 4300, $75.>> 5 pounds 10 oz. Ouch!! That REALLY needs
to be lighter
<<Tent: Eureka Spitfire, $95>>  2 pounds 12 oz. Much better! (at least by
<<Bag: North Face 0-degree Mummy (Snowshoe I think?)$49>> 3 pounds 10 oz.

I don't argue with peoples choices of bags, it's too personal. I will ask
if you'll really need a zero bag to stay warm. If the answer is yes, at
least plan to swap to a lighter summer weight bag/quilt/fleece blanker
farther up the trail...

The real killer here is the pack. There's really no reason for a long
distance hiker to be carrying a 5+ lb pack anymore. (OTOH in my younger and
less wise days I did my thru with a 6+ lb pack <g>).


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