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[at-l] Re: at-l My gear...opinions please

I have to agree with Mark.  If you are a really warm sleeper you probably 
wouldn't want a zero bag, but otherwise.  I had a 10 degree, left Springer 
on March 2nd, and didn't need to switch to my 40 degree summer bag until end 
of May in Central VA.  I was always warm enough at night, which is more than 
many people could say that I've shared shelters with.  On a really cold 
night, I always set up the tent because it's even warmer in a tent.  I would 
rather have a warm sleeping bag than wear lots of extra clothes at night. 
But it's a personal choice, so go with what feels good to you.


From: Mark Hudson <hudsom@us.ibm.com>

What Ginny said!!!

<<Pack: Kelty Trekker 4300, $75.>> 5 pounds 10 oz. Ouch!! That REALLY needs
to be lighter
<<Tent: Eureka Spitfire, $95>>  2 pounds 12 oz. Much better! (at least by
<<Bag: North Face 0-degree Mummy (Snowshoe I think?)$49>> 3 pounds 10 oz.

I don't argue with peoples choices of bags, it's too personal. I will ask
if you'll really need a zero bag to stay warm. If the answer is yes, at
least plan to swap to a lighter summer weight bag/quilt/fleece blanker
farther up the trail...

The real killer here is the pack. There's really no reason for a long
distance hiker to be carrying a 5+ lb pack anymore. (OTOH in my younger and
less wise days I did my thru with a 6+ lb pack <g>).