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[at-l] I'm off to the mountains...


I'm going to miss you.

Had I known you were coming this weekend, I would have arranged my schedule so 
as to work PATH's workweekend this month, rather than March.


BTW -- If Hammer doesn't have enough for you to do, tell Attila that I said to 
put you to work on trail maintaining.

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...for the weekend, into the Wilds of Virginia, thank god, thank god,
for a long overdue trip to the Appalachian mountains. Minimum hiking
but maximum mountain.
I'm going to help Hammer open the Konnorock camp today and tomorrow
near Sugar Grove, prior to some ATC workweek.
Dan Hammer, a friend and old workhorse maintainer, at age 70,
overweight and with a bad heart, has been after me ever since I
finished my thru to come up there and help out. You can see several
pictures of Hammer in WeatherCarrot's DVD, and he has a big brick -
"HAMMER" - in front of MRO Outfitters in Damascus.
Hammer had a heart attack last year on his way to The Gathering, and I
suddenly realized... there may be no next year. So I'm hauling my butt
up there.
He might not be Mrs. Purtlebaugh, but old Ham is a good 'un.
The work may just be sweeping out pods and counting band-aids, but its
in the mountains, trail-related work... and a dear old friend.

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