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[at-l] Hyponatremia - excessive water use in endurance athletes

From: W F Thorneloe thornel@attglobal.net

Of interest is the idea that sports drinks may not be protective
of electrolyte abnormalities.
### May not be *sufficiently* protective -- quite a difference.

This gets back to that famous, regrettable, Gatorade flame war.
### "Regrettable"? You seemed to learn something. Eventually. 

I wonder if anyone here has seen water intoxication on the trail
or even considered the possibility?
### Long before the [popularized and overblown] lack of lucidity
comes ferocious muscle cramps. Hang out at Mollies Ridge or
Greenleaf Hut after a hot afternoon and listen to the
out-of-shape moan, on arrival and overnight, peeing clear the
whole way.

Sorry if this psychiatrist's interest and knowledge of basic
primary care medicine upsets anyone's sensibilities.
### Read the article. Write of what you know. Walk your talk.


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