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[at-l] backpack question

Hey Nicole!

I stand about 5'5", am short-waisted, and have really big breasts and hips.  I've always had trouble finding a pack to fit just
right.  My main problem has always been the size of my breasts.  With the standard harness, I get pinched around my shoulders, ribs,
or breast, and it's not fun.  A male harness will simply not work for me.

I started looking at the new women's packs and have tried on the Osprey Luna and Gregory Diva as well as a few of the Dana Designs.
While they are really great packs for the standard woman with typical curvature, however, I still had issues with both of their

I was almost at a loss...until I recently went to Mountain Crossings and had Winton Porter fit me for a new pack.  He's just the
best...can I get an AMEN?  LOL

Anyhow, the setup that Winton put on me was the Mystery Ranch Deep Trance with the women's harness and the XL hip belt and it fit me
perfectly.  Honey, it was like no pack I've ever tried on.   I love the way it wraps around and rides on my hips.  And, I get full
range of motion from my arms and no pinching at the shoulders with that pack.  Finally, I've found a fairly light weight pack that
fits my body.  Talk about wayyyy kewl!    It's definitely the pack for my thru next year!  Now, I just have to save up the $225 to
buy it!  LOL  

Here's the website for the pack.  It's made by the gentleman that started Dana Designs.  I think that this pack has the flexibility
to fit a very curvy woman's body exceptionally well.  I hope that the following information helps, but if you have any questions
feel free to email me at shellydhale at earthlink.net.


"The pack bag of an ultralite - with the soul of a trucker. 

This unlikely combination is only pretty light, not ultralight. But consider this, instead of dropping the conversational gem, "I'm
only carrying 18 pounds!" You could say, "Hey, want to help me drink this bag of wine?" The latter will get you invited on many more
trips, and no more of that ultralight mantra, "Hey, you gonna eat that?" 
.	Volume: 4000 cu.in. 
.	Weight: 4 lbs. 5 oz
Instead of pushing the boundaries of pain with a twenty-pound load you could carry 40 to 60 pounds in comfort with the Deep Trance's
Outamatic harness and mainframe. All told this system adds only one to two pounds to total pack weight to double or triple the
weight you can carry with it. Xpac fabric eliminates a sagging packbag and helps confine your load to a flat, tight profile on your

Black Spandura side pockets stretch to hold your water bottles and trail gear snug to the pack, secure yet easy to get to. The large
back pockets can stretch to hold your rain gear, sandals, or even a Z-rest. All three Spandura pockets shrink flat when not in use.
The removable BiValve lid has two separate zip pockets, and supports an amazingly good lash point. Get a Deep Trance and start
thinking about someone else for once. 

When you are carrying a truly minimal load you don't need all the amenities the Deep Trance offers.
Here's a list of what pieces you can strip as your load sinks below 15-20 lbs.
.	biValve lid - 7 oz 
.	HipBlet pads - 5 oz 
.	Aluminum - 3 oz 
.	Lumbar wrap - 7.5 oz 
.	Up to 24.5 ounces off your back	So what's the difference between the Trance and the Deep Trance? 
.	800 cu.inches (12l) - 25% more volume 
.	5 oz. (10%) heavier 
.	2 more compression straps (look above the side pockets) 
.	2" longer main frame - better for tall people
(This list is in recommended order of removal as your load gets lighter or you get more fanatical. If your pack's total load is over
20lbs you'll find that leaving the lumbar wrap, aluminum stay, and carbon mainframe in place is worth the comfort vs. weight trade

Tenacious Tanasi
   (Shelly Hale)

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I've only been shopping for ultra-light gear for years now, and I've 
got someone asking me for general advice.

An acquaintance is going backpacking in Thailand and she's fairly short 
and quite busty.  Who makes nice packs for a person of this 


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