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[at-l] boot question - nylon vs. steel shank

The boots I wore in the lower 48 weren't really all
that heavy...but they also weren't padded and the
soles had minimal tread. 

The mountainering boots worn in Alaska (and elsewhere)
during the summer were quite heavy...but compared to
65lb rucksack and 40lb piece of 90mm sewer pipe (both
on my back at the same time) they were quite light.

I think there are many better choices out there now
for hiking and trailrunning (oops...yes, I am one of


--- Paul Magnanti <pmags@yahoo.com> wrote:

> Nice to see that why I say is actually backed up
> actual facts once in a while. :)
> Seriously, I think combat boots would be too heavy
> not
> very well suited for most long distance treks.