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[at-l] backpack question

>>An acquaintance is going backpacking in Thailand and
>>she's fairly short 
>>and quite busty.  Who makes nice packs for a person
of >>this 

When you say backpacking is there some general travel
involved too?

Then I imagine your friend will need something a bit
more durable than most ULW packs. (Baggage handling
comes to mind...)

A pack that some of my female friends (of different
shapes and sizes) use is the REI Rising Star.

At 3lbs 8oz for 3200CI it is reasonably light. A bit
more durable for traveling than the ULW packs some of
us use, and at $110 a good price.

A former girlfriend used this pack for a road trip
last summer. It was used in hostels, car camping,
backpacking and some ferry rides. Sort of what your
friend may do in Thailand.

Check it out.


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