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[at-l] boot question - nylon vs. steel shank

As a US Army infrantryman between 1982-85, I really
never walked all that far. We had the occasional 12
mile forced march (Run) at the end of Air Assault,
Recondo, and other schools. Occasionally we did 4-5
mile marches. Rarely ever did that long of a patrol.
In Alaska we did 10-12 marches in vapor barrier mickey
mouse boots (I don't reccommend that).

Infrantry is mobile because it gets in and out in
different ways...trucks, helicoptors, C130s, Bradleys,
APCs, Grizzlies (for you Canadian soldiers), and SUSVs
in the artic.

I really don't recommend the basic infrantry boot for
day after day of hiking.