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[at-l] boot question - nylon vs. steel shank

>>If you are able, perhaps a U.S. Army Boot would be
good >>for you.  They  lace up high and are very
stabilizing.  >>Soldiers hike long distances in 
>>them carrying very heavy packs, Rifle, Ammo, etc.,
and >>they last a long 
>>time.  Of course, they may be a bit heavy but they

Hmm..from my understanding, combat soldiers (blessed
with the logistic train of the US Army) do not hike
all that much. Esp. in the current guerilla war: they
patrol on foot, but with there ever handy infantry
fighting vehicle nearby. (Basic training, of course,
being another story!)

Even in WW2 days, the American infantry GI was the
envy of the other armies because of how
(comparatively) little walking they did. I don't have
the book in front of me,but the statistics of the
ratio of vehicles to soldiers in an American INFANTRY
division was astounding. (The major exception being
the fighting in Sicily and Italy, mainly due to the
terrain. They carted there gear by walking and with
pack mules).

The American army belives letting all those expensive
vehicles cart the soldiers as much as possible. Was
true to a certain extent 60 yrs ago...is even more
true now.

So, I suspect standard issue combat boots would not
work all that well for most hikers. They are heavy,
durable...and meant for soldiers who get a ride as
much as possible (Would describe some yellow blazers,
too, Now thatI think about. :D).  

If you really want to use military gear, look at what
the Rangers, Green Berets and other long range patrol
types use.  From what I understand, many of these
folks ditch the standard issue boots and go with what
are essentially beefed up models of civilian boots.
(Like a lot of equip. the military is starting to

Long story short: Do you want to use a boot that is
made by the lowest bidder by people who really don't
walk all that much? :)

I'd go to an experienced outfitter and try on
different models. Bring your loaded pack. See what
fits and feels best.

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