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[at-l] boot question - nylon vs. steel shank

I have been thinking about using Army boots for some time.  I was 
presented with a pair of Army issue jump boots while doing some work in 
Korea and, I have to say, they are quite comfortable.  Plus, like you 
stated, they lace up high and are quite tough  I'm not sure if they 
would stand up to six months and 2000 miles, but they would be a topic 
of conversation, I am sure!  Perhaps I'll try them out this weekend on 
my second quick hike around Medoc mountain.

If you are able, perhaps a U.S. Army Boot would be good for you.? They 
lace up high and are very stabilizing.? Soldiers hike long distances in 
them carrying very heavy packs, Rifle, Ammo, etc., and they last a long 
time.? Of course, they may be a bit heavy but they work.