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[at-l] Hyponatremia - excessive water use in endurance athletes

> Of interest is the idea that sports drinks may not be protective of
> electrolyte abnormalities. This gets back to that famous, regrettable,
> Gatorade flame war. I wonder if anyone here has seen water intoxication on
> the trail or even considered the possibility?

I have considered the possibility, and dismissed it. In everything I have
read on the subject, the athletes (marathoners and trail runners, mostly)
were drinking copious quantities of water and not eating much if anything.
When I am hiking, I am constantly nibbling on some little thing, and those
little things often contain sodium and potassium, as well as chocolate <g>.

I just don't think that 'normal' hiking circumstances could cause this. Now,
dehydration is another matter entirely -- I've certainly had and seen my
share of that.

No, I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV. This is my personal opinion
based on reading popular literature and original journal articles, and I
apply the results of this opinion only to myself. YMMV, and another reader
might certainly come to a different conclusion. If you want to flame me,
have at it -- I'm not listening anyway. (Not you, personally, OB -- I would
welcome your analysis.)