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[at-l] boot question - nylon vs. steel shank

Disclaimer - shoes won't work for me on the trail - my ankles roll to 
easily.. hence my search for the right boot.

That said I am going to check out a couple pairs of boots this weekend. 
  I looked for reviews for the La Sportiva Pingora GTX Hiking Boots but 
haven't found any.  This appears to be the lightest weight waterproof 
hiking boot that has a 1/2 steel, 1/2 nylon shank (for under $200.00).  
Light, but nowhere near super-light.  Does anyone on the list use this 
boot?  If so, what are your thoughts?

On the other hand, REI has a pair of hiking boots that are waterproof 
and lighter, but the shank is all nylon - no steel.

Steel, obviously, is heavier but stronger.  I suppose I am just asking 
for the philosophical issues with nylon vs. steel, if there are any.

On a related topic, is there a brand of insoles that are far-and-away 
better then the rest?