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[at-l] Movie news

This post is amusing but has a strong odor of Troll.

At 05:38 AM 4/14/2005 -0700, Tod Massa wrote:
>First, the "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" opens in
>theaters April 29. it looks to be quite entertaining.
>Second, there were FIVE books in "the increasingly
>misnamed trilogy." All were highly entertaining.
>Next, I had a chance to review the proposed script for
>the Redford and Newman vehicle a "Walk in the WOods."
>Fortunately, it really has nothing to do with the
>Bryson book. Instead, it is a buddy story of two aging
>developers who have never been in the woods before who
>make the journey to map out what will be their final
>and most ambitious project: a new chain of stores
>called "Trail Mart."
>They plan to locate these big box stores along the AT,
>the PCT and other trails, no more than three days
>apart to ensure that no hiker ever has to be
>uncomfortable or unable to buy what they need. Or not
>have cellphone coverage since each Trail MArt would
>also have cell tower.
>Along the way they debate the meaning of life, the
>trail, and which of the two handbooks they are
>carrying is the best. Further, there are a couple of
>amusing incidents involving the handguns they are
>I think it will be a blast!