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In a message dated 4/13/2005 11:03:55 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
RoksnRoots@aol.com writes:
he does not have permission to
adopt the Data Book format in the Thru Hikers' Handbook.  If he has in fact
done that, that might well be a violation of ATC's copyright.

                       Daniel Chazin

              I think we've fully established the "legal", "moral", and 
"ethical" differences between people who seek to provide a service helpful to 
hikers and those whose current main Trail efforts are a hate campaign against 
former, involving malicious snipes, behind the back efforts, and general 
I think Dan Chazin provides an amazingly valuable service to the Trail 
I also think that Roxy's hate campaign against the Trail Community, involving 
malicious snipes, behind the back efforts, general subterfuge, and poorly 
constructed sentences, reveals much about his personal moral character and ethics.